Your Financial Dream

Creating your financial dreams often begins with simple steps, some truly obvious, some maybe not so, i.e., find and capture the proverbial 'low lying fruit.' It's a tune up that may cost little while providing substantial returns.

Financial security requires understanding our dreams and where we want to be in 5, 10, or 30 years  (AKA, the Dream). Then, and only then, an honest appraisal of our financial health (the Assessment) can uncover the gap between today and tomorrow's goals. Third, is the journey, i.e., what is it going to take to get there (Building your financial bridge).

Of course, along the way we need a few tools, and we will try to toss a few of these in the package!

The first two items are sometimes interchanged, but a picture of your financial health makes the most sense in light of who we are, and where you want to go. Otherwise, we are collecting numbers in a vacuum e.g., have an income stream of $40,000 on top of social security? That may be just fine if our dream doesn't include a lifestyle of travel to the orient, providing and supporting our children through (fill in the blank), having that little cabin nestled beside a mountain stream or along the ocean. 

the Dream

Everyone has their own approach, mine is well, biblical, to declare "the end from the beginning." I'm not suggesting any competition with God, but rather to find the power in both visualizing the future and declaring it.

Many years ago a speaker at a goal setting workshop stated that written goals are 300 times more likely to be achieved than unstated goals. And although I've never seen any supporting evidence, intuition says probably so.

the Assessment

A wonderfully cute phrase, puzzle, was 'Where is Waldo' Hopefully, our financial house is not that difficult to identify and find! Understanding our financial mindset, comfort levels, as well as the 'hard numbers' are all part of the process.

Building your Financial Bridge

Many have done it, in many unique and varying circumstances, although it may not be easy. Building a financial bridge requires some raw material (cost cutting vs. additional revenue decisions), sinking those pylons ( I have ten, you have???), laying the concrete base, and making it all look pretty, actually fabulous.

Multiple financial streams, additional revenue sources balanced with cost cutting measures will add up, preferably not ala the 'Financial Cliff Diplomacy' of a certain elected body.

A few Tools

Gotta have some tools if we want to build something substantial. Some of those fall under the rules of the road, the mindset, and just basic aids.

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